LifeProof iPhone 4/4s Armband - Black

LifeProof iPhone 4/4s Armband - Black

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Arm Yourself for Action

Strap your LifeProof-protected iPhone 4/4s to your arm with the LifeProof Armband and hit the road, pool, gym, surf, slopes, courts, track, or trail. The LifeProof Armband lets you enjoy the action while keeping your iPhone close at hand. That way, your GPS, camera, performance trackers, training apps, music, and communications are always within arm’s reach. And never fear, the LifeProof armband is designed for cool comfort and a perfect fit. Built with top-shelf materials and an ergonomic design, the armband lets you keep your iPhone 4/4s within arm’s reach all workout long. Plus, just like the LifeProof case that protects it, the armband gives you full access to your iPhone’s every feature, function, and control.

Cool Comfort — All Workout Long

Crafted from supple, breathable spandex and thick padding, the LifeProof iPhone 4/4s armband stays comfy cozy for the long haul. The 65mm-wide strap and non-slip silicone dots keep everything stable and only add to the comfort. And, whether you’re rocking pipe cleaners or pythons, the Velcro strap adjusts to fit biceps measuring between 10 inches to 15.2 inches in diameter.

Full Function. Full Control.

The LifeProof Armband’s iPhone case cradle features a one-handed release latch for fast iPhone 4/4s insertion and removal. And, the integrated lock switch keeps your LifeProof-protected iPhone 4/4s secure during the working out, while preventing unwanted removal. Plus, you can mount your iPhone facing in or out, and you have complete access to all buttons, controls, camera, speaker, and microphone. Best yet, the Armband weighs a scant 2.1 oz – so it never slows you down.

Everywhere. Everyday. Everything.

With LifeProof’s lineup of action-ready accessories coupled with our all-protective, shockproof, waterproof cases, you are equipped to take your mobile device further than ever before. The protection you get from LifeProof is actually a byproduct of what we originally set out to deliver — complete freedom. LifeProof cases and accessories mean that you never have to leave your smartphone or tablet at home, on the sidelines, in the locker or in the car again. You are free to live, race, train, swim, run, and even relax with your device by your side.

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LifeProof Armband for iPhone 4/4s Features
  • Designed to fit all LifeProof iPhone 4/4s cases
  • Run, swim, walk, race, train, and live with your iPhone 4/4s
  • Armband adjusts to fit biceps measuring 10” to 15.2”
  • Complete access to all buttons, controls, camera, speaker and microphone
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headsets
Built To Exceed Specification – And Expectations

Every LifeProof product is built to stringent specifications, then tested to ensure maximum protection. Our cases are built to exceed three ratings: MIL STD 810F-516: cases built to this standard can survive the drops, vibrations and bumps your device encounters day to day. IP-68: this international standard for water and dust ingress protection means your LifeProof case is equipped to keep water, dirt, dust and snow out. Water Test: all cases are tested at our factory before we ship them. And rest assured, all LifeProof accessories are designed and built to the same high-quality standards and attention to detail.

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Bike Mount
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Car Mount
Fits iPhone 4/4s case
Charge device in mount
Headset compatible
Access to all controls
Straps to arm
Mounts to bike
Mounts in car

  • Thick padding protects your skin and delivers comfort during workouts
  • Adjustable armband accommodates 10-Inch to 15.2-Inch biceps
  • Wide, 65mm strap provides outstanding stability for your LifeProof iPhone case
  • Weighs just 2.1 ounces, so it won't slow you down
  • The rugged cradle boasts lightweight honeycomb construction with premium high-impact materials for optimal strength-to-weight ratio

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