T-Mobile Rocket 4G (T-Mobile)

T-Mobile Rocket 4G (T-Mobile)

Brand: Nokia
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The ZTE Rocket MF591 from T-Mobile offers an internet connection like no other. With its 4G connection, it's internet is over the top that it's considered as the best of its kind in the market. Just plug the dongle on your laptop and you now have a high speed internet on the go. Apart from being a broadband device, you can also use this device as an alternative for storage so you can have more memory for your music, movies, documents and more.
  • USB modem offering connectivity for your PC to T-Mobile's ultra-fast 4G network
  • Flexible prepaid pricing for data ranging from 100 MB for a week to 3 GB for a month
  • Includes microSD memory card slot for accessing optional cards up to 32 GB in size
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows (7, Vista, or XP) and Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)
  • Includes SIM card

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